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Slightly spicy beef tongue, pickles, mayonnaise and knepfles

Ingredients for 6 people:

For the beef tongue :
1 kg 5 of beef tongue
1 can of 250 g pickles
200 g carrots
100 g onion
200 g tomato puree
60 g of sugar
2 tablespoons dehydrated veal stock
20 g butter

For the knepfles :
500 g flour
4 fresh eggs
200 g cottage cheese


For the mayonnaise :

1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon of mustard
10 cl of neutral oil
5 cl of balsamic vinegar


The recipe steps :


Step 1 : Beef tongue

In a casserole dish, sweat the coarsely chopped onions and carrots.
After browning, add the beef tongue and moisten with level water and bring to the boil for 15 minutes.
Then using a skimmer or a tablespoon, remove the foam that forms on the surface.
Add the pickles and the juice from the can.

(Keep some raw pickles and onions aside for garnish)
Leave to simmer for 2½ hours.

(Do not hesitate to add a little water if necessary to let the tongue completely immersed).

Remove the beef tongue from its cooking juices then add 2 tablespoons of veal stock and let reduce by half.
Add the tomato paste, sugar and 4 drops of tabasco
Mix the sauce and pass it through a strainer.
Taste and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper if needed.

Step 2: Knepfles:

In a mixing bowl, pour the flour first, the eggs on top and then the cottage cheese.

And mix until you get a smooth paste.
In a pot of boiling water using two spoons, drop small portions and repeat until the end of the dough.
Cooking is good once everything has risen to the surface.
Drain and let cool.
In a frying pan, melt the butter and brown the knepfles until the desired color is obtained.


Step 3: The mayonnaise :


In a large bowl, put the egg yolk and mustard, mix.
Then while continuing to mix, pour in the oil in a light trickle.
Add balsamic vinegar.


Dressage :


Arrange the knepfles and the beef tongue with its slightly spicy juice on a plate.

Add the pickles and onion rings on top as well as several drops of mayonnaise.

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At home so as not to spend all your time in the kitchen when the guests are there: simply reserve the sauce in a small saucepan, the knepfles and the beef tongue in a dish and leave at an oven temperature between 70 and 80 degrees.


Enjoy your lunch !

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